Ardhira Putra x Mathis Turntable

“Sometimes the best and most special moments are just enjoying the simple things.”

Dive into the bright and electric world of Ardhira Putra, Indonesian artist who is best known for turning nostalgia into eye-popping works of art.

This special edition of the Gadhouse Mathis Hi-Fi Turntable features an original Ardhira Putra design where every spin will instantly take you back in time. It’s time to let the sounds and scenes of the past take over!

  • METAL TONEARM – brings back the charm of the 80s Space Age
  • BELT-DRIVE ALUMINUM PLATTER – delivers steady spinning at any speed
  • BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER – enables Mathis to stream high-definition sound to speakers
  • AUDIO TECHNICA VM95E MOVING MAGNET CARTRIDGE – provides crisp and clear sound with no tonal distortion
  • BUILT-IN COUNTERWEIGHT & ANTI-SKATING WEIGHT – allows for the finely-tuned precision and control

Available 20 Apr 2024


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