Ardhira’s famous works is Crystal Dolphin MV for Engelwood. Engelwood Crystal Dolphin itself has become one of the most viral sounds of TikTok, reaching over 300 million streams worldwide, going viral on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok 3 times over. The Crystal Dolphin MV featured on some International creative Website article such as CreativeBoom (UK), Motionographer (US), Creativereview (UK), KIBLIND (France). And become a guest speaker at Vancouver Film School for the Crystal Dolphin MV.

Through a VHS player, we enter the hyper-colored, funky universe of Ardhira Putra, a Singapore-based Indonesian artist who’s been turning his nostalgia into eye-popping works of art. He populates his illustrations and animations with characters, ad tags, and pop visuals inspired by the 1980s and 90s—all with a backdrop of swaying palm trees. This city pop style acts as a throwback to his beloved boyhood and the heydays of laissez-faire capitalism in Asia.

Sometimes the best and most special moments are just enjoying the simple things. 
Enjoying the simple breeze, the sun,
Driving a car to the closest supermarket,
Sitting with your closest person and not needing to talk about anything,
Reading a book, cleaning your room, playing random sounds with
the guitar and mini piano,Or you can listen to the best music with this vinyl player.