– the persistence of sound after it is produced.
– the commitment of creating a long-lasting impact in promoting sustainability through music and creativity.


The rapid growth of modern technology has brought advancements in music and art consumption. But at the same time, immense amounts of waste are produced as a result. For this reason, we brainstormed ideas and inspirations that can turn the simplest aspect of lifestyle, like spinning a record, to a small-yet-impactful act of environmentalism. And thus emerges REVERB by Gadhouse, symbolizing the ripple effect of change we hope to achieve.


Since the inception of REVERB, our vision and goal have remained steadfast: to save the environment and promote sustainability through music and analog inventions. We have taken significant steps towards this mission with Circular Design Thinking in mind, including our <Turn the Tables> project where we let customers trade in their old turntables for a discount on new models, adding value to
the otherwise discarded devices while providing a sustainable way for customers to upgrade their vinyl setup. In addition, we are constantly developing a diverse range of eco-friendly products and implementing sustainable processes throughout our production cycle. 

As with any step towards change, we acknowledge that some setbacks are to be faced. The reality is that sustainable perfection is a rather complex and ongoing journey. We actively work towards reducing plastic use in our packaging and transportation, making sure that it is sourced responsibly. We also encourage customers to reuse and recycle any waste from our products to their fullest potential. Ultimately, we hope that this small initiative will spark a huge wave of change in the music and vinyl industry at large.


REVERB by Gadhouse aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an action framework empowering music and analog enthusiasts to amplify change for a better future.

#12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

We are dedicated to creating projects that encourage our audience to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts. We work with key players in the music industry, local communities and recycling experts to foster a circular,
eco-sustaining economy. 

#13 – Climate Action

We aim to raise awareness about environmental issues, advocate for
eco-friendly actions, and develop impactful projects among the global music community that directly and indirectly combat climate change.

In essence, our vision harmonizes
with the SDGs, fostering a collective commitment to creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.


REVERB by Gadhouse centers on initiating meaningful projects that empower like-minded individuals to make a difference in the world. By synching the world
of music and environmental awareness, REVERB has developed initiatives that allow any music lover to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet by as simply as altering their hobby.

Our achievements would not have been possible without the collaboration with various parties including our team members, partners, and customers. For us, sustainability means striving to maintain this harmony for as long as possible.

And now, more than ever, you too can get on board and become a part of this transformative movement. Turn your love for music into an impactful endeavor where every small action resonates with a commitment to sustainability. Together, we can harmonize our collective efforts and create a lasting melody of positive change for the environment.

REVERB embodies Gadhouse’s movement to contribute to the global mass index of sustainability. Bridging the worlds of music and environmentalism, we aim to reduce prosumption waste through a range of long-lasting products and new ways to revamp the life cycle.

Our projects are designed to last with recyclability and upcyclability in mind while simultaneously working with local artists and communities to create a difference in the world.