Mathis Product Description

Mathis’ minimalist matte black design is the very definition of stylish simplicity, but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. The sleek 80s-style retro exterior contains futuristic features, like a built-in phono pre-amp, Bluetooth transmitter, and USB encoding capability. Because music is what happens between the notes, we’ve included a low noise belt-drive design to make sure the silence comes through as clear as the sound on your favorite albums.
An Audio Technica dual moving magnet cartridge elevates Mathis’ precision sound quality, and a speed selector lets you seamlessly switch between 45 and 33 1/3 RPM records. The upgradeable headshell means you can customize Mathis to get the very best from its already crisp, refined audio capability. Mathis’ smart looks and superior sound make it the perfect turntable for style-savvy music aficionados who like to let the music do the talking.

Metal Tonearm

brings back the charm of the 80s Space Age

Belt-Drive Aluminum Platter

delivers steady spinning at any speed.

Bluetooth transmitter

enables Mathis to stream high-definition sound to speakers.

Built-in counterweight & Anti-Skating Weight

allows for the finely-tuned precision and control.


1. Lid 
2. Lid Hinge
3. Ground Connector
4. PHONO & Line Out Jacks
5. PHONO & Line Out Switch

6. Anti-skating Weight 
7. USB-PC Port
8. AC-DC Power Jack
9. Bluetooth Switch
10. Power Switch

Inside the Box

  • Mathis Turntable
  • Mathis Turntable Lid
  • Stylus guard
  • Iron Platter
  • Adjustable tone arm counterweight
  • 45 RPM adaptor
  • Turntable belt
  • Belt hook
  • Cartridge alignment protractor
  • Anti skating function
  • Instruction Manual
  • Interchangeable power adaptor supply
  • Mathis Slipmat
  • Additional cable – USB cable
  • Do not disturb door hanger
  • Story card
  • Warranty card


2 year



PowerAC power adaptor, DC output 12V/ 500mA
Power Consumption5W
Turntable Speed33 1/3, 45 RPM
Speed Variance±1%
Wow and Flutter< 0.15%
Signal to Noise55dB
Downforce Range0-2.2g
Effective Tonearm Length8.6”(218.5mm)
Turntable Dimensions
(W X H X D)
420 X 360 X 125 mm with lid open 420 X 410 X 420 mm


Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Channel Balance
Channel Separation
Output Voltage 4.0mV
Recommended Load Resistance 47kΩ
Amplifier connection MM – input
Recommended Tracking Pressure 2.0±0.2g
Weight 6.1g

About Gadhouse

Gadhouse is a Bangkok-based music & lifestyle brand, aiming to create fun and creative audio products. With hints of modern retro design, all of our products provide users the unique experiences where classic technology meets sophisticated and passé design. While “GADHOUSE”, originally came from the ideas of having a “House of Gadgets”, therefore, in this house, it’s all about lifestyle, music, being young and having fun while experiencing a certain sense of nostalgia. When combining our brand Gadhouse together, it ultimately represents a big and friendly vintage house with retro vibes.
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