Revealing our 11 featured artists who will be debuting their transcending art pieces at The New Signal.

👀Art pieces to be revealed September 19, 2022

🎁Auction via OpenSea September 24, 2022


Gadhouse is proud to introduce our 11 featured artists who will be joining us in creating a new and immersive experience at The New Signal. 

Despite their different backgrounds and artistic visions, our artists were tasked with creating art in the same medium: Gadhouse’s products. This assignment, symbolic of The New Signal’s core, has resulted in stunning and exciting results that we’re itching to show to the world!

Apart from art pieces in the real world, these art pieces will also be available virtually as NFTs, bridging the analog with the digital. As an analog brand, this is a new and exciting step for Gadhouse, and also vinyl lovers, to experience a new dimension of music, art, and culture. We can’t wait to take you on a seamless journey between the real and virtual, analog and digital, and, most importantly, art and music.

Now that we have said enough, let’s get to know our 11 featured artists!

🛸Art pieces will be available to collect September 24th via OpenSea. Stay tuned for more updates.

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🙋🏻‍♂️🎨 Revealing our 11 featured artists who will be debuting their transcending art pieces at The New Signal.

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#TheNewSignal #GadhouseNftArt #CreativeEvolution #GadhouseXSoundkoh #Discord #GadhouseDiscord #OpenSea #NFT #nftart #nftcommunity 


Hello, art lovers! It’s time to reveal our 11 featured artists whose art will be debuted at The New Signal. Take a look here: 🙋🏻‍♂️🎨

👀Art pieces to be revealed September 19, 2022🎁Auction via OpenSea September 24, 2022 

Artists’ description

Andre Chan (Philippines🇵🇭)

Title: Untitled

Style: Abstract, Life and death

Career: Artist, Designer 

Music isn’t just an auditory experience but a visual explosion as well, experiencing what I see through my mind’s eyes and brush strokes.

Like a connoisseur in the art field, neural networks mirror the behavior of the human brain. Our brains are cross-wired to specific senses that create certain stimuli. So when I listen to music, I can translate what I hear to color and paint what I “feel”. I was listening to Max Cooper’s binaural version of Resynthesis 3D while enlisting creativity to Gadhouse’s Mathis turntable. This collaboration made me realize that a turntable is an instrument that provides a unique sensation like no other; a deeper connection to music. 

MrKreme (Thai🇹🇭)

Title:  The Shroomhunter

Style: Imaginary / Character Cosplay

Career: Character Creator


This character I have created is called Mushkin, a vegan dinosaur who enjoys eating and becoming in a trance after a hefty meal, represented by the striking colors. 

Sidehouse Sunshine (Thai🇹🇭)

Title: Sound Medicine

Style: Digital Painting, Psychedelic

Career: Visual Illustrator


Sound Medicine is a series of illustrations that convey the emotions within music with images, actions or objects, mimicking the effect of hallucinogenic drugs via different colors and elements. 

Benj Pore (Philippines🇵🇭)

Title: Drifting to Dreamland

Style: Mix and match / colorful

Career: Painter


I wanted to visually interpret the act of playing a record as an act of entering a dream or trance. To me, engaging in music is a spiritual, emotional and psychological experience. The act of slowing down and submitting to the idea of letting time pass and allowing yourself to get lost in songs is a very vulnerable state to which I feel is very much the state of dreaming.

When we dream, we are operating on the subconscious. The boundaries are blurred, realities altered, yet the scenarios are ever more attached to our very core. In the dreamscape, we get in touch with our passions, our fears, our strongest convictions and our deepest desires. 

Juli Baker and summer (Thai🇹🇭)

Title: Dancing Heart

Style: Expressionism / Naive Art / Acrylic painting

Career: Illustrator / Artist / Fashion Designer


When music speaks to your soul, your heart dances. 

Jen.Two (Thai🇹🇭)

Title: Good Music, Good Humour

Style: Zhen Zhen’s art / Analog

Career: Illustrator


Music is a medium that evokes various emotions in the listener, including the feeling of joy. For this piece, I have illustrated activities and elements to portray how music can spark joy, such as a boy skipping to the rhythm in his heart, a group of dancers, a disco ball and a bear dreaming sweet dreams. 

Balloon Boy by Pod Moderndog (Thai🇹🇭)

Title: Traveling without moving

Style: Abstract

Career: Artist, Painter / Dip Painter


“Traveling Without Moving” shows the journey one can make via a record player. Music is a vehicle that transports us to anywhere, breaking through and transcending boundaries. 

Jorra (Thai🇹🇭)


Style: Characters / Mural

Career: Artist / Designer / Mural Painter 

Pai Lactobacillus (Thai🇹🇭)

Title: Visual Therapy 0.01

Style: Movement

Career: Visual Artist, Illusion Artist 

Kimchisuperpower (South Korean🇰🇷)

Title: Untitled

Style: Vintage / Mid-century modernism

Career: Illustrator


This piece is inspired by Lucen’s mid-century/vintage aesthetic with its solid and bold shapes. I wanted to create a theme of ‘balance’ with circles in the middle that represent the sun and moon while using black and white to recreate Yin-Yang patterns. 


Title: Nostalgia Machine (Thai🇹🇭)

Style: Nostalgia, Memphis Graphic Design

Career: Illustrator


This piece captures and elevates the artist’s feeling of nostalgia onto the medium of analog record players, an item that — in itself — is a nostalgia machine.

David was used as one of the first subjects that the artist used to practice sketching, thus holding a nostalgic meaning to the artist. The swimming pool reminds the artist of their family and the meaningful loneliness attached to them. The vinyl record embodies memories while the glass of wine is meant to be enjoyed while appreciating the moment before it fades away. 

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