11 Records by Up-And-Coming Queer Artists to Add to Your Wishlist


Introducing 11 outstanding vinyl records from up-and-coming queer artists of the 2020’s, featuring Chappell Roan, Orville Peck, Reneé Rapp and more!

Queer artists are breaking charts (and boundaries) in the 2020’s. The decade has seen LGBTQ+ artists topping and ruling global charts. Especially thanks to the rise of social platforms like Tiktok, new and rising queer artists have been gaining the increasing exposure they deserve, leading to even more opportunities to make waves among the masses. 

With increasing appearances on digital and physical charts, LGBTQ+ music is becoming a niche that keeps on growing, and Gadhouse here to keep the momentum going! To celebrate the season of PRIDE, it’s time for us to recommend our favorite vinyl records from our generation’s up-and-coming queer artists that you should check out. 

Keep reading to find out 👀


This debut album by the internet’s latest obsession Chappell Roan took over the charts and hearts of chronically online Gen Zs by a storm. The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess is a coming-of-age story celebrated through disco, country and a touch of camp.

Midwest Princess explores the themes of queer relationships, big city dreams and small town yearnings, topics not too far off of the LA-by-way-of-Missouri songstress’ personal life. The record is also flying off the shelves, making its way up to the top 10 on StreetPulse so make sure you grab yours before it’s too late!

Recommended tracks: Femininomenon, Pink Pony Club, Casual


Talking about judging music by its vinyl record, Peach PRC’s Manic Dream Pixie EP delivers exactly what you can see and then some. The Australian pop sensation’s songwriting on this project combines the joy of the 2010s’ radio bangers with lush bubblegum elements that became popular in the early 2020s. The result is a six-piece run of glitz, glam and glittered pop perfection made for the girlies™. The EP also comes in a limited edition heart-shaped vinyl to make your eyes go 😍.

Recommended tracks: Kinda Famous, Dear Inner Child, Perfect For You


Actress and singer-songwriter Reneé Rapp gained recognition from starring in the Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls. So it’s no surprise that Rapp’s theater roots and musical chops shine through in her debut album.

Snow Angel sounds like it belongs to the pantheon of modern pop records. It is versatile and attention-grabbing as Rapp’s shows off her skillful vocals over dynamic production. Like matinees of different emotions, the record showcases Broadway’s Regina George at her pettiest, bluest, most obsessed and more as the tracklist goes on. If you love her here, be sure to check out Rapp reprising her role in the 2024 film adaptation too.

Recommended tracks: Pretty Girls, Snow Angel, Tummy Hurts


It’s hard to believe that The Last Dinner Party took only a year to find their voice as artists and do it with such confidence. After skyrocketing into fame with their debut single Nothing Matters in 2023, Prelude to Ecstasy is a testament to their excellence in blunt songwriting, dynamic rhythms and instrumentals following the footsteps of Florence and the Machine (if F+TM wore stockings, as they say).

Ecstasy tells the story of queerness and femininity – what it means to belong to this intersection against the current state of the world. So if you’re femme, queer and angry, this is a record especially for you!

Recommended tracks: Nothing Matters, Sinner, My Lady of Mercy


After breaking through with her hit single we fell in love in october, following up with a solid debut record and opening for Taylor Swift in the Eras Tour, singer/songwriter under the alias of girl in red is doing it again, baby!

Marie Ulven returns with her sophomore album I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!, a project that leans fully into her rock-stardom. The record is one that balancing the themes of heartbreak, nights out and therapy, accompanied with fun pop-rock production will fill you up with confidence.

Recommended tracks: Too Much, You Need Me Now?, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


If you’re sick and the only cure is a record that can sound amazing when performed live, Fletcher’s got the antidote! In Search Of The Antidote details the highs and lows of going through a heartbreak, from the deepest trenches to the catharsis upon recovery. Fletcher sounds brutally honest and raw on this record, and isn’t afraid to hold back. One particular track is inspired by an encounter with an ex at the Eras Tour (we wonder which track it could be 🤔).

Recommended tracks: Doing Better, Eras Of Us


Remember the ‘haha I do that’ Vine? Well, she does music now and is killing it too!

Imagine what music produced by someone who has gained status as a niche internet icon from the early 2010’s sounds like. That is precisely the aesthetics of Nat Puff aka Left At London who has been writing and producing since her early years in 2014. Since then, she has released 3 EPS of the Transgender Street Legend series alongside other side projects here and there.

Her 2021 debut album t.i.a.p.f.y.h. is a true accumulation of her artistry. The record sounds experimental yet familiar, taking catchy melodies and presenting them in unconventional ways. Puff is also a vocal activist and uses her platform to raise awareness towards social issues – another reason we stan!

Recommended tracks: It Could Be Better, Kudzu, THIS IS A PROTEST FOR YOUR HEART!!!


What if ‘cowboy’ but ‘gay’? 

Known and admired for his iconic leather and fringe mask, Orville Peck is one of the modern pioneers who brought queerness into the country scene. Pony is the masc’ed singer’s 2019 critically acclaimed debut record. The tracks perfectly lay out an atmosphere of riding a horse through the midwest in the dead of night, with Peck’s low register voice and the heavy yet airy bass lines sprinkled throughout the record perfectly adding to the mood.

Recommended tracks: Dead of Night, Queen of the Rodeo, Roses Are Falling


MUNA’s self-titled record is confidently unapologetic. MUNA is a collection of 11 club anthems celebrating queerness, love and expression. It is unapologetically oneself and unapologetically queer, pulling influences from dance pop, disco and electro. From the innocent yet lustful opener of Silk Chiffon to the coming-of-age closer Shooting Star, the trio encourages all of us to find out what we want and just go for it.

Recommended tracks: Silk Chiffon, What I Want


After winning the second series of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK VS The World, all eyes are on Tia Kofi . The breakout drag superstar’s debut album Read My Lips is a nod to the 80’s and UK pop with its disco, dance and garage inspiration.

Fun, flirtatious and ferocious, Read My Lips invites you to get up to the dance floor and sway the night away. Tia’s vocals are commanding yet sentimental where it needs to be, making it a solid debut and a guaranteed crowd mover in any club that plays it.

Recommended tracks: Read My Lips, Look What You’ve Done

The beauty of music transcends language and Christine and the Queen’s gorgeous EP La Vita Nuova is proof. Translated as ‘the new life’, the 6-track EP is beautifully laid with synths and vocals that flow in and out between French, English and Italian.

Chris’ songwriting is abstract and imaginative, yet it’s not difficult to understand the emotions and complexity of the tracks. And if this is not enough for you, check out the short film set in the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris to see Chris’ baroque vision for the EP come to life.

Recommended tracks: People, I’ve Been Sad, Je disparais dans tes bras, La vita nuova

Check out our #Pride2024 playlist featuring our recommended tracks & let us know who are your favorite up and coming queer artists.

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