7 Heart Shaped Vinyl Records to Make You Go Heart Eyes 😍


Show off your love for vinyl this Valentine’s Day with these heart shaped vinyl records. Featuring Taylor Swift to Jonas Brothers & more!

Love doesn’t have to be the only thing in the air! 

Let the warm, sweet sound of vinyl records come through this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for someone who loves vinyls as much as they love you, check out these heart shaped vinyl records that will guarantee 😍-eyes from any recipient!

How do heart shaped vinyls work?

Like the purest form of love, vinyl records come in many shapes and sizes.

If you look closely at a vinyl record, you will notice spiral patterns that go along the shape of the record. These patterns are called “grooves” and each groove represents a track on the vinyl. These grooves consist of sound waves that are etched into the surface of the record, which can be read by the turntable’s stylus, converted into electric signals, amplified and then converted back into sound through speakers.


This is where the fun begins. Technically, vinyl records can just come in any shape as long as the grooves on the record are playable. Some vinyl record manufacturers get creative by cutting the vinyl records into different shapes while leaving enough space in the center for the grooves to sit. Keeping that in mind, the possibilities for shaped vinyl records are thus endless with artists putting their own spin on shaped vinyl records, hearts included!

Generally, shaped vinyl records are considered collector’s items or rare finds due to their unusual appearance. So if you see one while digging in the wild, we advise you to just snatch it and add it to your collection immediately.

Here are some heart shaped vinyl records for you to keep an eye on!


🩷 Lover (Live from Paris) – Taylor Swift


Side A: “Me! (Live From Paris)” / “The Archer (Live From Paris)”

Side B: “Death By A Thousand Cuts (Live From Paris)” / “Cornelia Street (Live From Paris)”

Side C: “The Man (Live From Paris)” / “Daylight (Live From Paris)”

Side D: “You Need To Calm Down (Live From Paris)” / “Lover (Live From Paris)”


🩷 Lovebug – Jonas Brothers

Tracklist: “Lovebug” / “Lovebug (Live In LA 2013)”


🩷 Valentine – Laufey

Tracklist: “Valentine” / “Valentine (Live at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik)”


🩷 Love / Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey

Tracklist: “Love” / “Lust for Life”


🩷 Just Ain't Gonna Work Out – Mayer Hawthorne

Tracklist: “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” / “When I said Goodbye”


🩷 Baby – Donny & Joe Emerson

Tracklist: “Baby” / “Tonight”


🩷 Bring You A Ring / You Don't Wanna Be My Baby – Aaron Frazer

Tracklist: “Bring You A Ring” / “You Don’t Wanna Be My Baby”

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