5 Must-Have Turntable Setup Essentials to Bring Out the Best of the Vinyl Experience


Is buying only a turntable is enough?
What do I need for a turntable setup?
Do I need that?

These frequently asked questions confuse vinyl beginners or those familiar with their turntable but want to perfect their setup.

Don’t get overwhelmed! We’re here to help. Gadhouse presents five must-have turntable setup essentials to bring out the best vinyl experience so you can confidently embark on this journey. 

Read on to discover how you can elevate your vinyl corner!

1. Speakers and Amplification

Good turntables bring out the best tunes, but good quality speakers amplify the enjoyment of your vinyl collection to the fullest.

Consider a speaker that brings out your turntable’s best performance and matches your listening style. (Try listening to the speakers yourself to know if they match). Surf for more reviews from other audiophiles, which can help you compare various speakers.

Here are some more tips for choosing the right speakers:

  • Connections: Recheck that your speakers can connect with your turntable or other streaming device that you need.
  • Your Space: Compact bookshelf speakers are ideal if you have a small space, like an apartment, where you want to avoid disturbing your neighbors or enjoy music only in your room. Consider floor-standing speakers for a more robust and immersive sound experience if you have a larger space.
  • Powered vs. Passive: Powered Active Speakers have built-in amplifiers, making setup easier. It is ideal for beginners, but Passive Speakers require a separate amplifier, offering more flexibility and often better sound quality.
  • Decorations: Visuals are also important. Add plants, artwork, or vintage posters to enhance your setup’s visual appeal and uniqueness.
  • Matched set turntable: A matched set of speakers and a turntable can simplify setup and ensure optimal sound quality, making it easier to enjoy your vinyl collection.

2. Slipmat

A slipmat is a circular piece of material placed on a turntable platter. It helps protect records from damage by providing a smoother surface. Also, it improves sound quality and gives your turntable a stylish touch.

There are types of slipmat and their pros and cons that you should know:

  • Rubber Slipmat: It is durable and helps reduce distorted noise and vibration, which is ideal for those looking for a high sound quality.
  • Cork Slipmat: The most popular home-use turntable, it offers natural absorbing qualities to reduce vibration and static.
  • Acrylic Slipmat: Hard and Smooth, It provides stability and anti-static qualities. That makes it suitable for a studio where precise playback is a must.
  • Leather Slipmat: This type of platter mat combines some of the best qualities of those we mentioned earlier; it is anti-static and also reduces vibration, and distorts noise

There are more materials for slipmats, such as felt slipmats that are ideal for scratching and beating or plant-based fiber slipmats that make our love of vinyl more sustainable.


3. Cleaning Supplies

To ensure your turntables always sound their best and have a long lifespan, keeping them clean is essential.

Dirt and dust on records can cause unwanted noise and interfere with accurate playback. It also damages the records, reduces wear on the stylus, and molds (yucks!).

Here are cleaning supplies you need to keep your records and turntable clean would make them last longer and always sound amazing: 


Store your cleaning supplies and other turntable accessories in a container that complements your overall aesthetic.


4. Record Storage

Proper storage is one of the essential vinyl accessories for maintaining your records’ condition. Stylish storage solutions not only protect your vinyl but also enhance the aesthetic of your turntable setup. Consider racks or crates that complement your decor.


Wooden or opaque crates create a sleek but classy finish for a classic retro lover. For a minimalist or modern design, we recommend transparent materials such as acrylic, metal, or iron wire racks.

5. Console or Stand

A sturdy console or stand is essential for both aesthetics and functionality, providing a stable, level surface for your turntable and records to prevent skips and damage. 

Whether you choose a classic wooden console or a modern minimalist trolley, a well-chosen piece enhances your setup, complements your turntable and speakers, and efficiently utilizes space, blending seamlessly with your room while accommodating a large record collection and vinyl essentials without clutter.


Ready for your new turntable setup?

Gadhouse knows the power of music to move and inspire. That’s why we’ve created collections of turntables, speakers, and vinyl accessories to meet every musical lifestyle and every genre of happiness. 

Discover high-quality analog essentials from the House of Gadgets!

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