The Largest Music Festival by Attendance

I believe that most of music lovers (including me as well) have the same destination to watch your admired artists on the stage in music festival once in a lifetime, such as Summer Sonic, Fuji Rock, Coachella and etc. Actually in Thailand just wake the music festival stream like 808 music festival, Maho Rasop, Maya and one of the pioneer is Fat Festival that becomes Cat Festival so far. Fascination of the large music festival are tempting us by many world famous lineup in one festival, we just feels like it’s worth to go there plus travel also. For anyone still has no idea which festival should I go. I’m going to recommend  list of the largest music festival (by attendance) reference from that I surf and found that many unfamiliar festival on top list. I’ll instance 5 interesting music festival for you.


An unfamiliar name of music festival like Mawazine, annually music festival at Rabat, Morocco. This is the 1st largest music festival by attendees at 2.5 million people.The word “Mawazine” in arabic language means Rhythms. The festival includes world music from local artists and world famous artist. The event is in 21-29 June 2019 


A free open air festival annually at Donauinsel, which is an artificial island in Danube river in Vienna, Austria. Donauinselfest is the word form German language means “Danube Island Festival”. Music typically cover various genres including rock, pop, rap, hip hop, EDM, folk and metal. this event is 2nd largest by 2.4 million attendees.In this year Donauinselfest hosted 11 stages, 600 hours of music and 17 themed activity area. The event placed on 21-23 June 2019


I’m looking forward to Coachella every year because it’s quite exactly on Songkran festival which i wouldn’t  go outside and it has free streaming on youtube. Coachella is an art and music festival in Indio, USA. the event 5th largest by 750,000 attendee. Variously genres of music such as rock, pop, hip hop, indie, EDM and it has art installation and art sculpture as well. What’s  special in this year is it has 2 weekends (the same lineup but altered schedule). For this year coachella already took place during 12-14 and 19-21 of april 2019.


The most famous music festival in the UK place biennially in last weekend of June. the 8th largest by 540,000 attendees. The festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus and cabaret. Glastonbury so-called the major event in British culture. Inspired by hippies and countercultures. In this year the event held on 26-30 June 2019


The 11th largest music festival by 430,000 attendees annually held at Chicago, USA. The word Lollapalooza came from American idiomatic phase in early 20th century meaning “an extraordinary or unusual thing, person or event. Genres of music including Alternative rock, punk rock, heavy metal, pop, hip hop and electronic. The event is inspired by Britain’s Reading festival. In this year event placed on 1-4 august 2019

If you’re interesting the event, check it out more in each official website and book it!

enjoy with your music 🙂

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