GADHOUSE x LEK & SOWAT – Interview

“ We are proud to present our art installations by LEK and SOWAT! Let’s get to know more about these amazing French artists that had elegantly superimposed our products with their signature styles; in order to, bring the worlds of music and art together in a special way that Brad Retros have never been suited up for! ”


Q: Could you introduce yourself to your new international audiences?

“We are Lek & Sowat. We are artists with Graffiti backgrounds. Our paintings mixes architectural abstractions with urban calligraphies. Our favourite mediums are walls of course; as well as in situ installations, films, photography and anything that takes us out of our confort zone. The best way to discover our art is through the first film we did together, Mausolée. For that, you can check it out here.”

Q: How does music inspires you or influence your art?

“Music has always been very important in our practice. Painting murals or creating in situ projects can be a very slow and long process so let’s just say that music is the ideal way of helping us loose track of time.”

Q: What is your first impression of our product?

“Love it. Reminds us of the small portable vinyl players a lot of kids had when we were young. Which was a long time ago…”

Q: How do you feel after painting Brad Retro?

“Challenged and excited.”

Q: Please share with us and your fans, a selection of top three favorite songs to listen to:

We’ll give you tracks that are all related to some of the films we created throughout the years:

  1. Opening by Philip Glass
  2. Vordhosbn by Aphex Twin
  3. Liebe Ist by Stephan Bodzin

Q: Any advice to aspiring new creatives and/or do you have a favorite quote you live by?

A: “Hang in there.”

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