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It such a long holiday in the hottest month. Some people go for travelling but if you don’t have any plan to go. I’m gonna recommend for these 5 music films for your holidays.

Amy (Asif Kapadia,2015)

“Life teaches you really how to live it, if you live long enough” Tony Bennett said in mostly the end of the film and these words made my crying like a child in the cinema. As we known that Amy Winehouse is the best one in modern jazz/soul artist and I personally like her lyrics and unique voice.

Quite 2 hours length of film directed by Asif Kapadia told the story of Amy since her childhood, grown up and then she pass away at 27 years old. Saying by Amy, her family and friends what happen in her life and each song reflect to her feeling and state of mind in the meantime.

La La Land (Damien Chazelle, 2016)

A romantic musical film directed by Damien Chazelle from Whiplash. The story of “Sebastian” (Ryan Gosling) a jazz pianist who falling with “Mia” (Emma Stone)  a barista of cafe in Los Angeles. Sebastian want to open a small jazz bar, Mia also chasing her dream to be an actress by auditioned wherever open for casting.

In the city of star that dream and reality aren’t in the same path. And the way they choose is a parallel line. I let you to watch by yourself how its end.

Actually the plot is very cliche but the special thing in this film is shooting technic in long take musical scene in the song “another day in the sun” that made me amazing. About music composing and scoring by Justin Hurwitz who is friend with Chazelle since university and made a score for Whiplash as well. 

Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars (Lili Fini Zanuck, 2017)

The biopic about legendary guitarist “slowhand”, Eric Clapton At the beginning of film show about his childhood who was born by one-night stand relationship so he have to live with his grandparents and acknowledge that they are his parents. Later he  knows the truth. He isolated and music comes to fulfill his life.

Then the film told his ambition to be musician. He became famous and experienced love ,frustrated, drugs and tragic losing. Anything teaches him to be nowadays via pictures, video footage and saying of his friends. It is certainly to got his song in film along his story like “Leyla” to express the feeling forbidden love to Pattie Boyd, His best friend wife, George Harrison. And “tear in heaven” that he wrote this song dedicate to his son who pass away by accident. 

How the Beatles changed the world (Tom O’Dell, 2017)

The one of famous and greatest band in the world, The Beatles, A four-pieces band from Liverpool. The film bring us to explore why the Beatles changed the world of music and culture forever. Starting at 60s as the band are forming between post-war era by old footage. Cross cutting with the critic of journalist and personnel in music industry why the Beatles can impact a cultural revolution and music industry at that time from social system to British invader phenomenon that never had any band cross the ocean to hit the chart in America. 

Oasis: Supersonic (Mat Whitecross, 2016)

Across from Liverpool to Manchester in 90s, not any other but Oasis. Many songs of Oasis if it played in the bar. most of audience can sing along I guess. Oasis is the one of famous and notorious band in 90s by sibling of The Gallagher, Liam and Noel – long time no love lost between each other. These thing made this film more entertaining!

Oasis: Supersonic is the documentary film that told a story of the band between 1991-1994 which is the beginning to the golden era of the band. By personal footage the never reveal anywhere else before. And use only voiceover interview montage with these footage. Surely their songs are feature in the film like other documentary. But special thing is we gonna see how sarcastically of the Gallagher and each person’s point of view in this film. 

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