News from Gad’s House:  Gadhouse Grooves with the Audiophile Man and the Best Accessories for your Home Vinyl Setup

Welcome back to the best (in our extremely humble opinion) vinyl update blog around! It’s been a big week at Gadhouse and we’re very excited to share the latest and greatest with you.

We’ve got some great stuff for you today. None other than the revered Audiophile Man himself, the illustrious Mr. Paul Rigby, posted a review of our newest turntable Mathis. We’ll let you know what he has to say. Then to follow up, we’ve got some recommendations for vinyl accessories that will help you level up your home listening experience.

Keep reading to learn more!

Side A: Media News

Audiophile Man, Paul Rigby, Reviews Mathis: Gadhouse Certified “Groovy”

Gadhouse is grateful to have Mathis, the newest member of our family of turntables, reviewed by Audiophile Man – Paul Rigby, an extremely respected member of the Hi-Fi audio community.

In his video he highlighted Mathis as an excellent entry-point for “the kids”  – or really anyone who is interested in getting their start as a vinyl collector, saying that it “might be the best turntable [on the market] for young people.” While we appreciated his kind words about Mathis, we were blown away by what he had to say about Gadhouse as a company. Rigby spends a large portion of his review talking about what Gadhouse does to make vinyl lifestyle approachable for young and beginning collectors saying, “Thumbs up to Gadhouse for their attitude, and for their energy… they’re all in and they’re having a go… which is more than can be said for the majority of the HiFi industry, at least from what I see in the west.”

In the end, he does something unusual by giving Gadhouse a separate rating, just as a company, giving us the award-winning “Groovy” certification. Thank you for your confidence, Mr. Rigby! Watch his video below to hear the full review: 

Side B: Featured Vinyl Gear

Best Vinyl Accessories to Take Your Music to the Next Level

One thing we try to do at Gadhouse, is to offer you more than just a turntable. We want to help you find everything you need to take your analog music journey as far as you want it to go. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of vinyl and turntable accessories that we’re proud to use on our own home audio systems.
Everything from stylish vinyl storage, to Spanish leather slip mats, to vinyl cleaning supplies that keep your records in great condition. We’ve got everything you need to make sure the music never stops playing. 


That’s it for this week, but stay tuned for another dose of vinyl news coming your way soon!

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