The Forgotten Cover Art

Speaking of famous artist that make album cover, It may remind you of Andy Warhol for The Velvet Underground & Nico,  Peter Blake for The Beatles, Banksy for Blur or someone else and you may forget about pop-surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali created album cover art for Jackie Gleason’s 1955 album Lonesome Echo with his own style. It’s rather unexpected look for comedian, Gleason has so many records but unlike Lonesome Echo. Here, he gets conceptual art cover and on the back of record sleeve is picture of Dali and Gleason in handshake. Beside the hand shake picture there’s an explanation about the cover’s artwork.

 “The first effect is that of anguish, of space, and of solitude. Secondly, the fragility of the wings of a butterfly, projecting long shadows of late afternoon, reverberates in the landscape like an echo. The feminine element, distant and isolated, forms a perfect triangle with the musical instrument and its other echo, the shell.” Dali said

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