Radiohead : No Alarm, No Surprise But Not Silent

Radiohead, English alternative rock band still surprised their fans again. Erewhile they sent out cryptic leaflet to fans with the message ‘Burn  the Witch’. On May 2, they deleted everything on social media such a facebook, twitter, instagram include official website then post two animation videos. On the next day, They announced their new single ‘Burn the Witch and second single ‘Daydreaming’ on two days later and finally announced ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ to streaming as full length album after less than a week.

It’s not the first time they surprised their fans. At the time, they surprise the world music industry when they annouced ‘In Rainbow (2007)’ and invited fans to pay their own price when downloading their album, and once lead vocalist Thom Yorke handed out newspapers with Radiohead theme then released ‘Kings of Limbs (2011)’ and used to shown his weird dance moves on ‘Lotus Flower’ video.

If you’re big fan of Radiohead, you may not be surprise with their action because they’re always do surprising things each time there is an opportunity.

You may want to know…

  • If you play Daydreaming in reverse, you hear Tom say ‘Half of my life’ or ‘I’ve found my love’. But if you play it in normal you hear background in reverse
  • Thom was married 23 years and He walks through 23 doors in Daydreaming Music Video.
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