REVERB by Gadhouse – Explore REVERB Trio’s Journey of Eco-friendly Materials


Explore the (ec)origins of REVERB by Gadhouse’s latest collection ‘REVERB Trio’ featuring recycled materials in collaboration with Precious Plastic Bangkok, UPCYDE and Home and Decorfor Bangkok Design Week 2024.

After successfully Turning the Tables for Gadhouse’s turntable owners in late 2023, REVERB by Gadhouse is set to go full speed ahead in merging sustainability with the analog lifestyle. This year, REVERB by Gadhouse joins forces with recycling facilities, organizations and communities all over Thailand to launch ‘REVERB Trio’, its latest collection of eco-friendly products made with recycled materials for the first time at Bangkok Design Week 2024.

As the name suggests, the ‘REVERB Trio’ is a triplet of Gadhouse’s familiar products reintroduced with a sustainable twist. Longevity is the main focus of this collection as each item utilizes a different recycled material that is sourced from all over the country and developed in collaboration with Precious Plastic Bangkok, UPCYDE and Home and Decor.


Launching exclusively for the first time at Bangkok Design Week 2024, the ‘REVERB Trio’ follows through with this year’s theme of ‘Livable Scape’ by inviting music lovers and vinyl heads to rethink their relationship with the environment. It is a demonstration that it’s possible (and even desirable) to become more eco-conscious with the way one consumes their music.

Let’s take a closer look at the lineup!


Modular Sound Crate (REVERB x Precious Plastic Bangkok)

A spin on Gadhouse’s Vinyl Storage Crate, the Modular Sound Crate lets you take care of up to 40 records as well as the planet you live on simultaneously. Each crate is made with up to 5,000 bottle caps, courtesy of Precious Plastic Bangkok who collects plastic waste from around the country and transforms it into stunning and long-lasting material. Each crate comes in a unique ‘Jawbreaker White’ color due to the variables in the plastic material.


Swirl in recycled bliss.

About Precious Plastic Bangkok: First established in Norway, Precious Plastic has recycling centers around the globe, including 7 facilities in Thailand by 2024. Precious Plastic aims to make recycling accessible to everyone and help communities create artistic and financial value from the materials they’ve recycled.


Fruitmat Slipmat (REVERB x UPCYDE)

A twist on Gadhouse’s Cork Slipmat, this Fruitmat Slipmat is made from recycled agricultural waste, letting you get a grip on both your vinyls and the Earth with style. Each piece contains 300 grams of pineapple scraps, sourced by UPCYDE from local farmers in Ratchaburi province.


No waste is left behind.

About UPCYDE: Founded by eco-conscious aficionados, UPCYDE operates by approaching key agricultural communities across Thailand and providing resources to alternative waste disposal. Where others may see plant remains, UPCYDE sees potential means to alleviate our country’s most crucial demographic–farmers.


Mathis Reimagined (REVERB x Home and Decor)

A literal reimagination of the House’s Mathis Turntable, Mathis Reimagined lets you reinvent the way you listen to your records with a recycled exterior. This EB board material is the specialty of Home and Decor and consists of up to 370 UHT cartons compressed into a hard, durable exterior. The end result is a ‘Recycled Confetti’ variant of the beloved turntable that makes sure that the world is healing with each spin.


Small fragments are stronger together.

About Home and Decor: Established with a goal to make a change in the world, Home and Decor works with small waste collectors, big packaging manufacturers and everyone in between to properly manage UHT carton waste. Through their ‘RecyCOOL’ innovation, Home and Decor shows that integrating eco-friendly materials in our daily lives is easier than we think.


REVERB by Gadhouse is our commitment to transforming waste into a celebration of creativity and style. It invites analog lovers to rethink their relationship with excess materials by infusing art, innovation, and purpose into each product. Explore the full lineup of audio equipment from recycled materials today along side circular projects today.

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