Gadhouse Vinyl Club: Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes



Maybe you might be unfamiliar, if I mention the name “Thom Yorke”. But if I talk about lead vocal of Radiohead I guess you’ll realize who he is. Apart of being a frontman of Radiohead, he also has a solo performance. His debut album “The eraser” released in 2006 and second one which I’m gonna talk about is “Tomorrow’s modern boxes.”

Firstly, the artwork is designed by Stanley Donwood whose design all artwork for Radiohead. Cover are packaged are in a custom-made antistatic bag. Facade of bag are transparent and screen album title by green color. The artwork of cover have these little many holes and form of asymmetric geometry in green, which look too abstract to understand. The vinyl is white and contrast with asymmetric form like a cover in black color, it looks so amazing!

The distinctiveness of this LP is that he tried to put a new sound like noise or distortion, decayed piano and weird sound loop in Guess again! In which sound of piano and percussion loop are off beat and made melody a bit chaos like math rock (but it’s not rock, it’s an electronics!) . There is no ice (for my drink) the longest song in this LP with 7 minutes length with mumble sampling lyric. The next song Pink section is the shortest one with 2.35 minutes and it’s only ambience, yes, no lyric! This track seems like a prelude for the song Nose grows some so if you didn’t notice it seamless music connects with the previous track

It’s not bad for this 38 minutes LP if you love electronic-experimental music. 

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