Gadhouse Vinyl Club: GOAT – COMMUNE



This is the 2nd Studio LP of GOAT, a psychedelic rock, experimental rock from Sweden. They define their music as a spiritual, ritual and tradition communal mysticism from their European roots.

The element that’s noticeable of GOAT is a fake mysticism they put in their live performance like the weird mask, flashy and tribal outfit. Artwork cover they use vivid colors to give the feeling of psychedelic experience, the vinyl is noticeable of a big blackish-red eyeball that look mystical.

The band they claim to be inspired by voodoo traditional in the town name Korpilombo in northern Sweden. Titles and lyrics mostly connected to primitive tribe ritual and language. For example the last track Gathering of Ancient Tribes are backronym of band name. The first track of this LP Talk to god opening with ambience of bells that imply the feeling of being in a sanctuary, following by an instrument from Indian music as if we’re talking to god. Another song that I recommend is Bondye.  This song give us the reference of sounds like a mo-lam (Thailand’s local northeastern music) with the upbeat fast and trilling guitar riff so why not dance!

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