Gadhouse Vinyl Club: Deluxe Peter, Paul and Mary in Japan (1967)

Deluxe Peter, Paul and Mary in Japan (1967)

Peter, Paul and Mary were the American Folk band which debuted in 1962 at the New York City and peak in the 1960’s by these members; Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers. They made the phenomenon of American folk-music revive again in the 1960’s and cultivate moral trait by the music.

In 1966-1967, Peter Paul and Mary travelled around the world and sing for the fans over the world in England, France, Australia, New Zealand and Japan is also the one destination of Peter and Paul and Mary world tour. Peter, Paul and Mary were living in Japan on 16th-17th January, 1967 in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Deluxe Peter, Paul and Mary had been collected many hit tracks of various albums by Peter, Paul and Mary since 1962-1967 “If I Had a Hammer and “If I Had My Way “from Peter Paul and Mary in 1962. “Puff the Magic Dragon and “This Land Is Your Land” from “Moving album in 1963. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right from “In the wind” album in 1963. “Paul Talk” from album “In Concert” in 1964.  “Sometime Lovin”, “The Good Times We Had”, “The Other Side Of Life” and “For Baby” from Peter, Paul and Mary album in 1966 “ No Other name” from “1700” album in 1967. This album was released in May 1967 and only sell in Japan by Warner Bros. 

Tracking List

A1 Sometime Lovin’

A2 No Other Name

A3 The Other Side Of Life

A4 The Good Times We Had

A5 Paul Talk (Japanese Version)

B1 Puff the Magic Dragon

B2 Serge’s Blues

B3 For Baby

B4 If I Had My Way

B5 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

B6 If I Had A Hammer

B7 This Land Is Your Land 

The sound in this long playing is pure you can feel as though as you are actually the audience the hall. There is just a clapper at the start and end of each song. Some English hook lyrics were also changed from English to Japanese for appropriating to Japan Audience. In addition, there is a Japanese-English interpreter in the concert for interpreting what Peter, Paul and Mary say during the concert.

Every lyric of Peter, Paul and Mary give a meaning and philosophy of life. Like the track A3 “The Other Side of Life” – Every life has a two side; positive and negative. When bad things come, don’t be afraid, good things will happen soon.

In the track A5 “Paul Talk”, this is the mini stand-up comedy. Paul is talking about the first time to visit Japan. There are many different points of the culture of the western world.

There is some special show in the track “Puff the Magic Dragon” Mary and Peter has a special thing for Japanese fans by singing some part in Japanese.

This concert has a progress of music performance from the 1964 Concert Album. There is a much greater sense of urgency in their performances.

If you’d forgotten the zenith of Peter, Paul and Mary in their prime, I quite sure that this album refreshed your memory about the American folk music in the 1960’s.

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