GADHOUSE x LEK & SOWAT @ Paris, France

The differences in, culture, or language that everyone has are exchanged in the form of art. Which is caused by the identity and the life story of each person And what makes us connect in that difference is “music”. Music has no language, no boundaries, no borders, no discrimination. There is only creativity with emotions, art, culture and history.

We believe that art and music can free the soul and enjoy the moment for a while, when the busy world continues to revolve.


French Graffiti artist “Lek & Sowat” express their creativities through each line of art, while the sound of Afro Jazz and Latin tunes playing along. This becomes a spiritual art, where it gathered people from different cultures together, combine art and music as one. 

This might be a short story of one fine, fun, remarkable night, where we’ve gathered and exchanged our differences in cultures through art and music, while the earth revolves at a speed of 33 1/3 rpm.

Thank you!
Singha BeerL’impassebarStarwaxmag

Djs Crew

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