HENRY Hi-fi Turntable with Bookshelf speakers

“The perfect combination of nostalgia and progress”

It’s for people who appreciate the album and album art, who understand the value of sound and design. For music lovers who are ready to indulge and treat themselves with the sounds of yesterday and today.

“HENRY is the cool cousin who introduced you to Bill Evans Trio—and Bauhaus design. He’s the one who brings the good bourbon to the party, effortlessly casual and cool in the corner. HENRY is the cousin who Brad and DEAN look up to for becoming tirelessly timeless, the one who understands why it’s cool to combine an Audio Technica T3600L moving magnet cartridge with mid-century cool mahogany. He’s the record player music fans wish they’d had when they first discovered Pink Floyd with his low noise design system, speed selector for 33 ⅓ and 45RPM records, plus USB encoding and a Bluetooth receiver function.”


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The perfect combination of nostalgia and progress.

As cool as Brad and DEAN are, they both want to be like their Uncle Henry. When Henry shows up to Gad’s House, all eyes are on him. He’s sophisticated, effortlessly charming, and timelessly stylish. He’s been around long enough to know what he wants and how to get it.

Usb encoding analog to digital

HENRY's High fidelity-packs a low noise design system

Easy BLUETOOTH ® connectivity

Audio Techica AT3600L MM Cartridge

Bookshelf Speaker