Spinning Soon: Upcoming Vinyl Releases (Apr-Jun 2024)


Discover 16 upcoming records in the second quarter of 2024 from global artists, such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, and many more!

“Where flowers bloom, so do vinyls” 📀🌸✨

We are now approaching spring: the season of flowers, warmth, and vinyls. In this edition of Spinning Soon, Gadhouse is here to present 16 upcoming records that are ready to bloom in the second quarter of 2024. Let’s find out together and add them to your wishlist!

My Love Essential Collection - Celine Dion


Celine Dion’s 2008 compilation with the legendary soundtrack My Heart Will Go On  from Titanic is about to release on LP for the first time on April 5th. Get ready to reminisce about the nostalgia on vinyl here.

A La Sala - Khruangbin


American trio from Texas is releasing A La Sala (To the living room) on April 5th as well. The band has also released 2 tracks, including May Ninth and Love International on streaming platforms for everyone to take a glimpse into this upcoming album.

Ohio Players - The Black Keys


Another band that is also going to release their album on April 5th is the American rock band ‘The Black Keys’. Ohio Players is one of their most anticipated albums, since each of their pre-release tracks all reached over a million streams on Spotify, including This is Nowhere, Beautiful People (Stay High), and I Forgot To Be Your Lover.

Papercuts - Linkin Park (Limited Edition Zoetrope Picture Disc Vinyl)


Linkin Park is set to release Papercuts, including 18 essential tracks, an unreleased single from 2017 Friendly Fire, and fan-favorite song QWERTY. The limited version of this album features special edition gatefold packaging and a zoetrope picture disc designed by Drew Tetz. This exclusive edition is expected to release on April 12th and will be available for only 7,000 units.

Don’t Forget Me - Maggie Rogers


American artist and songwriter, Maggie Rogers, will release her latest album called “Don’t Forget Me” on April 12th. The exclusive Nightgown version comes in a beige 12” LP, with 10 tracks. While waiting for the vinyl, Maggie has released 2 songs from this album (Don’t Forget Me, and So Sick of Dreaming) which are now available on streaming platforms.

I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! - girl in red


Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer, girl in red, or Marie Ulven Ringheim is coming back with her second album I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! on April 12th. The album features 10 songs, filled with Marie’s ambition to play around with her music and produced along with Matias Téllez. Her exclusive signed version comes in a white 12” vinyl disc in gatefold jacket and printed sleeve.

The Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary (2023 Remastered) - Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd’s best-selling album, including greatest hits such as Money, Breathe (In the Air), and Time, is about to be remastered and released on April 19th. This remastered version comes with the concept “50 Years In A HeartBeat” in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s legendary album. The Dark Side of the Moon includes 2 crystal clear LPs with the prism spectrum, UV artwork printing, and Pink Floyd’s exclusive poster.

Dark Matter - Pearl Jam


American Grunge/Rock band will release their 12th studio album Dark Matter on April 19th. The album comes in 3 versions: Ten Club Exclusive Red Galaxy Vinyl, Crystal clear vinyl, and standard version. Each version includes a 24-page booklet, one of 3 unique sticker sheets with 5 label stickers and a logo sticker.

Nonetheless - Pet Shop Boys


English sync-pop duo teamed up with James Ford, renowned producer who previously worked for Arctic Monkeys, Blur, and Gorillaz. The album features 10 tracks, recorded in James Ford’s studio, while the orchestra and other background vocals were recorded at The Church Studios in London. Nonetheless will be available in three different colors: black, clear, and gray. The album is expected to release on April 26th.

Bewitched: The Goddess Edition - Laufey


Grammy Award-winning artist, Laufey, is re-releasing her critically acclaimed album ‘Bewitched’ in order to celebrate her success with immediately sold-out tours and reaching several charts including no.1 on Billboard. This deluxe Goddess edition comes with 3 additional tracks, an updated booklet, and a board game. The official release of Bewitched: The Goddess Edition will be on April 26th.

Radical Optimism - Dua Lipa


The three-time GRAMMY winner announced that her latest album Radical Optimism will be released on May 3rd. The album features stories about seeking happiness in many tough situations, such as inevitable goodbyes and vulnerable beginnings. Watch Dua Lipa’s Training Season and Houdini performance at the GRAMMYs 2024 here.

Morning View XIII - Incubus


It’s been 23 years since Morning View was released. This time, Incubus is coming back with a new dimension of the album to honor its legacy and reinterpret it as musicians who have been enjoying performing these songs for the past 23 years. The album Morning View XIII will be released on May 10th.

Room Under the Stairs - Zayn Malik


The One Direction alum spent the past six years making his latest album, Room Under the Stairs. The album reflects Zayn’s life journey exploring growth, healing, and stillness. It also features songs with a combination of Zayn’s moved vocals, a new sound, live instrumentation, and poetic lyrics. In fact, the album was co-produced by Zayn and Grammy-winning record producer Dave Cobb. Room Under the Stairs will be released on May 17th.

Clancy - Twenty One Pilots


The Grammy-winning rock duo is releasing their seventh studio album on May 17th. The album features 13 songs, starting with lead single Overcompensate. The album also marks the finale of the Blurryface saga, foreshadowing an ambiguous future of the Twenty One Pilots. Clancy will be released in several physical formats including four vinyls along with additional retailer exclusives.

The Tortured Poets Department - Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department is considered one of the most anticipated albums at the moment. Not only did Taylor announce the upcoming release of this album at the 2024 Grammy’s, but she also announced three exclusive versions of this album, where each of them includes a different bonus track. The regular deluxe edition of the album includes a bonus track called The Manuscript, unreleased photos, and handwritten lyric notes. The Tortured Poets Department will be available worldwide on May 19th.

Blue Electric Light - Lenny Kravitz


Musician, author, songwriter, producer Lenny Kravitz is about to release his latest album Blue Electric Light on May 24th. The album features 12 songs written and played by Lenny and his fellow guitarist Craig Ross. If you’re a big fan of rock, soul, and funk music, this is the album you should take home with.

Here’s only a taste of the upcoming vinyls for the second quarter of 2024. You can also check out the full list of this year’s Record Store Day exclusives here

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