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Melody’s Echo Chamber is a solo musical project by Melody Prochet, a French singer, musician and songwriter with dream pop music style. Firstly she is a vocal of the French pop band “My Bee’s Garden”

The band supported Tame Impala European leg tour in 2010, Prochet who enthusiasm in Tame Impala music aesthetics, decided to leave the band to run her solo project as Melody’s Echo Chamber. She asked Kevin Parker, frontman of Tame Impala to produce and bring her out of comfort zone to make a different musical style from her previous band.

Most of the songs are recorded at Parker’s home studio in Perth. This LP obviously brings her out of her comfort zone by the using sounds that is gloomier and insert noise and ambience. Consequently make the sound unclean but still based on pop music the tinged psychedelic like Tame Impala. Eventually, the first solo debut self-titled album of Melody’s Echo Chamber release in 2012.

The cover is a portrait of Prochet behind a beads curtain and background are tinted of pink and orange color, similar to tie-dye technic, so it looks like a psychedelic art. Along with the vinyl, even though it is black but inside of it has a color same as cover. Its different as it a pattern of Yin-Yang, the symbolic of balance in Taoism, which I interpret as a peace of mind in psychedelic piece also

11 tracks with 2 tracks in French, Prochet said she sang those song in French for the first time ever. She said  “I never had wanted to sing in french before, it never felt natural – I’ve listened to so much English music, and you are able to sing more ridiculous things in English. I’ve always been a fan of French singers but I never really considered myself capable of living up to them. But when I was in the beach house by myself I just found myself coming out with these melodies in French almost without thinking. I found a way to write really simple, poetic, lyric – almost childlike and it felt extremely natural. I think I was able to find the right balance”


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