Brad Retro MKII: Story Behind the Design


Lift up the jalopy and discover the story behind each color variant of Brad Retro MKII, Gadhouse’s most beloved member who just got an upgrade!

Sometimes stories can be told through colors.

Brad Retro MKII isn’t just a reintroduction to the House’s most beloved member, it is a testament of our love for all things retro. Each variant of our Brad model is carefully designed to tell a story that dates back to the golden age of vintage.

From vintage appliances to philosophical movements, Brad Retro MKII is guaranteed to be a head-turner everywhere he goes! Keep reading to find out more.


What’s new with Gadhouse’s Brad Retro MKII?

The answer’s simple: Brad Retro MKII takes everything we love about Gadhouse’s most popular retro-modern record player and amplifies it to the next level!

🔊 Brad Retro MKII is Louder

– let the world hear your tunes better with 10W built-in speakers.

🚀 Brad Retro MKII is Bolder

– the new USB-C power supply lets you party on the go, anytime and anywhere.

📡 Brad Retro MKII is Stronger

– the upgraded Bluetooth V5.3 makes connecting to streaming platforms more powerful.

Brad Retro MKII in Green


Color: Green 💚

Series: Original, Class of ‘16

Description: Sharp and charming, Green is inspired by 50’s vintage appliances and adds the perfect retro charm to any home.

Brad Retro MKII in Grey


Color: Grey 🩶

Series: Original, Class of ‘16

Description: Let your rock’n’roll soul out with Grey, inspired by the chart-topping and heart-robbing rock stars of the 1950’s.

Brad Retro MKII in Ivory


Color: Ivory 🎞️

Series: Golden Age, Class of ‘19

Description: Ivory’s classic yet timeless look is inspired by the warm and joyous nostalgic feelings associated with past memories.

Brad Retro MKII in Navy


Color: Navy 💙

Series: New-tro, Class of ‘21

Description: Dive into the calm and sturdy waters of Navy, inspired by the post-war marine forces and the American dream.

Brad Retro MKII in Tangerine


Color: Tangerine 🧡

Series: New-tro, Class of ‘21

Description: Press play on the vibrant vibes of Tangerine, inspired by the pop art movement and the 1950’s optimism.

It’s time to match your vibes to Brad Retro MKII, head to the Gadhouse official website and score yours today!

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