Norman Media Console


Norman Media Console offers space for vinyl records, audio player, and any analog media. Simplicity meets functionality in this Danish Mid-century Modern and Post-industrial design-inspired console. The true combination of sleek lines and sophistication.

The body is a walnut brown tone that looks good with firm chrome-plated steel legs, bringing a warm tone to your room. For the living room, it can be an appealing record console or a stunning TV stand. When you sit on the couch, it would give you the perfect eye level. No worries about the chaotic cables as Norman provides the cable storage compartment at the back.

The open front of Norman lets you proudly display your favorite album. Each of the three boxes can hold up to 80 records which means you can collect 240 records all in one Norman. The boxes are freely moveable and pile up as you wish.

The partitions inside the boxes can help you with ordering and tidying. Every time you search for the album, it’d feel like a magical moment at a place like the typical vintage market in Copenhagen, Denmark. Norman Media Console fulfills everyone’s classic Scandinavian modern dream. It is proof that functional furniture can be both stylish and stunning.

Console : 1200x430x520 mm
Box : 386x400x126 mm

Materials: Plywood and Oak Veneer, Chrome-plated steel
Finish: Walnut Brown
Boxes: 3
Number of records: 80 each box / 240 in total



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