Gadhouse Record player & Retro Speakers


DIGITAL + ANALOG hybrid speakers deliver powerful, precise sounds without losing the character of vacuum tube amplifiers of yesteryear. Oliver’s space age form boasts a timeless yet ultra-modern design in your choice of black or white. 

SURROUND YOURSELF in 360 degree omni-directional sound, everyone can enjoy the same rich vocals and hot guitar licks from any position in the room.

SET THE MOOD with 5 colorful LED lights. With the touch of a button, your Oliver Wireless Speaker will emit a vintage orange, pink, purple, blue or green light.

Space Age Design  Oliver comes in the Space Age form with roots in the mid-century modern design, representing the sphere and curvature of rockets and space suits.

FAST-SYNCING Bluetooth 4.2 technology allows the Oliver to pair effortlessly with your Bluetooth enabled device.