Gadhouse Replacement Stylus

  • Stylus replacement for All Model Gadhouse Brad record player.
  • High Quality Needle for turntables
  • Sapphire Tipped Ceramic Needle for Turntables
  • Also Compatible with Crosley , Pyle, Jensen, Teac and others.
  • More than Hundred Thousands of Rotations for Extended Playing Time.


Even in an age where digital devices dominant the landscape, true audiophiles understand the value of listening to our elders. Vinyl has long been lauded for the haunting reality it lends to tracks, and DJs still go to the classic music medium when they want to evoke the most out of every note. For those who enjoy playing their favorite songs with a record player, you may notice slight distortions in the sound and an increase in jumped tracks as the stylus wears down over time. Eventually, the stylus will break, leaving you feeling like you’re living through the day the music died. Instead of saying bye-bye, just swap out your needle with the Gadhouse Universal Replacement Stylus.


The replacement stylus works with all Gadhouse Brad record players, as you might expect, while also being compatible with brands like Crosley, Jensen, and many more.


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The ceramic needle has been tipped with sapphire, providing extended durability that will last for hundreds of thousands of spins without breaking. The enhanced tip helps preserve your records since it creates fewer fine particles which can become embedded in the vinyl over time.

Whether you have a compact record player that you enjoy in your room, a bombastic sound system in your living room powered by vinyl and other audio sources, or a DJ table you use to move the crowds, you need to have a supply of Gadhouse Universal Replacement Styluses on hand to keep the music alive.

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Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 1 cm