Gadhouse Oliver Vacuum Tube Speaker (White)

Oliver’s characteristics are passed on as a speaker that provides an analog sound from vacuum tubes and accurate sound from digital circuits. The design is inspired by the Space Age design from the ‘50s-’60s combining with minimal materials and colors and featuring multi-functions to offer the best to those who are music lovers.


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Space Age Design – Oliver comes in the Space Age form with roots in the mid-century modern design, representing the sphere and curvature of rockets and space suits. So, Oliver boasts a timeless design, yet ultramodern in every aspect coming in two simple colors – black and white.

Hybrid Speakers – Vacuum Tube + Digital – 
A hybrid speaker system that combines the unique features of both analog and digital speakers. Oliver incorporates vacuum tube amplifiers for rich and natural sounds as found in analog speakers while providing powerful, stable and precise sound as digital stereo speakers.

360 Speakers – 
Oliver features a 360° Omni-directional sound system to project the sound equally in all directions. So, jaw-dropping quality sound is delivered to you at any position.

LED-Lighting – 
The LED light colors come in 5 changeable colors. The main color is orange, same as the tube speaker. For classic and warm feelings to the surrounding areas, the other 4 colors are Vintage orange, Pink, Purple, Blue and Green

Bluetooth Integrated – 
Oliver is a real multi-functional and convenient speaker that brings you much fun and convenience. With Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, it enables you to connect to smartphone within 10 meters.

AUX Input – 
Get even more versatile with an AUX input or a 3.5 mm audio jack.