DEAN Haze Grey Turntable stereo system

Dean and Joan are back in 2022 with a new appearance and features that complement the new generation’s way of life.

The small development details we improved in each part make Dean Turntable and Joan Bookshelf speakers work together with greater potential. They are more than ready to provide the listener with the finest sound.

Dean & Joan’s advantage that satisfies all music lovers’ needs is its completeness; it is a turntable and speakers set that can both play records and become a Bluetooth speaker itself.

The Dean turntable includes a feature that supports all record speeds, including 33 ⅓, 45, and 78, as well as an auto start-stop function that starts and stops vinyl playback automatically. Additionally, an entry-level user-friendly white cartridge from the Audio Technica ATN3600L model is included. You can customize the sound with the treble and bass knobs, as well as add a counterweight than enable upgrading the cartridge later.

Apart from sound quality, Dean & Joan are also well-liked for their mid-century modern aesthetic, especially among those who enjoy interior design or decorating their homes. Wood and linen, two natural materials, are combined to create the components of this machine. These materials offer a soothing feeling that also matched its sound’s character. Whatever your musical tastes are, whether it’s analog or digital music, Dean & Joan is the best option for you.

What’s new in Dean & Joan New Model.

  1. Redesigned Dean & Joan’s dimensions to be more proportionate and retro in style.
  2. The platter core is entirely made of copper to increase the stability of the turntable and help preserve the needle head and the record.
  3. Counterweighting up to 5 grams. Conveniently alter the weight to match your preferred musical tastes and the thickness of the record.
  4. Joan speakers increase the output to 50 watts. The woofer and tweeter are made of rubber material that is more flexible and durable. Your music will sound better than ever.
  5. Simple to set up: connect Dean and Joan by plugging in the white-red RCA cable that is already with Joan’s speakers.

Product Specification

  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Features: Tone adjustment (Bass/Treble), Vinyl, Bluetooth, Phono, Line-in, Line out Adjustable counterweight: 1-5 grams
  • MM cartridge: Audio-Technica ATN3600L
  • Support speed: 33 1/3 /45/78
  • Audio channel: 2.0 channel
  • Control mode: Volume/ Bass knob / Treble knob
  • Power input: DC15V 3A
  • Speaker power: 50Watt RMS (25W×2)
  • Dean turntable unit size: 40.8×31.8×18.8cm
  • Joan speaker size: 16×18×24.2cm each
  • Woofer and tweeter diameter: 10.16cm×2 + 2.54cm×2


Out of stock

Weight 5 kg

13 x 40 x 33 CM

Joan Speakers Size:

20 x 25 x 15.5 CM