The perfect combination of nostalgia and progress.

As cool as Brad and DEAN are, they both want to be like their Uncle Henry. When Henry shows up to Gad’s House, all eyes are on him. He’s sophisticated, effortlessly charming, and timelessly stylish. He’s been around long enough to know what he wants and how to get it.

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Usb encoding analog to digital

HENRY's High fidelity-packs a low noise design system

Easy BLUETOOTH ® connectivity

Audio Techica AT3600L MM Cartridge

The perfect combination of nostalgia and progress

Henry has so much more to offer than that, though. He comes equipped with a sturdy iron platter to keep your records stable even when the house is rockin, and a lightweight aluminum tonearm that provides a smooth, clear listening experience.

USB encoding

Analog to Digital – Henry’s USB encoding means that you can digitize your vinyl collection for listening on the go. with his lossless file >= 320kbps

Bluetooth Input

HENRY answers the lifestyle of the new generation, whether put on 33 1/3, 45 RPM records, plus Bluetooth receiver function to transmit your digital music wirelessly through the turntable’s stereo speakers are easy to use.

Audio technica

The mellow sound from Audio Technica T3600L moving magnet cartridge with mid-century cool mahogany gives the perfect combination of nostalgia and progress. Also HENRY’s Come with Low Noise Design and Ground Connector systems.

HENRY's' Powerful Bookshelf

speakers 60 Watt (RMS) Beautiful and powerful than before.


HENNY Turntable stereo system

HENRY’s Turntable

AC power adaptor,
DC output 15V 2400mA

Power Consumption

Turntable Speed
33 1/3, 45 RPM

Speed Variance

Wow and Flutter
< 0.15%

Signal to Noise

Downforce Range

Effective Tonearm Length


HENRY’s Speaker

8Ω10W X 2

4Ω30W X 2

4Ω18W X 2

Packing Details

Product Size
415 x 360 x 140 mm
161 x 160 x 250 mm

Turntable Dimensions (W X H X D)
418 X 123 X 346 mm
with lid open 420 X 410 X 420 mm

Speaker Dimensions (W X H X D)
162 X 248 X 158 mm

Inner Box Size
480 x 425 x 430 mm

Net Weight
9.6 kgs

HENRY is the music aficionado’s turntable and speaker set. With advances like the Bluetooth connectivity, 60W speaker, and Audio Technica T3600L for smooth, clear sound–and mid-century styling-HENRY packs a low noise design system, speed selector for 33 13 and 45RPM records, plus USB encoding. The perfect combination of nostalgia and progress. It’s for people who appreciate the album and album art, who understand the value of sound and design. For music lovers who are ready to indulge and treat themselves with the sounds of yesterday and today.
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