Gadhouse Vinyl Brush Carbon Fiber - Gadhouse


Gadhouse Vinyl Brush Carbon Fiber


Maintaining your record collection and stylus – Meet Gadhouse Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush!

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    1. Place your record on the turntable and start spinning.
    2. Holding the Gadhouse brush straight, by its silver part and handle, place it perpendicular to the record groove and lower the brush onto the record (exerting minimal pressure).
    3. Let the record rotate a couple times until the dusts has been collected.
    4. Keeping the brush on the record, carefully pull the brush toward you and try not to lose annoys the collected dust.
    5. Cool! it’s done, drop the needle and enjoy the music!



Cleaning you brush

Simply rotate the silver brush grip in and out of the black handle a few times!

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