This month Gadhouse launched our new HOME category on, featuring a series of products designed to enhance the retro listening experience in your home. 

The first members of this new family are the TILLY wooden turntable stand and Gadhouse Lucen Record Trolley. Both combine all the benefits of style and functionality, giving you a chic way to store and display your turntable and vinyl records, while creating a mood that throws you back to the vintage setting these products were based one.

Meet TILLY and Lucen!


The Gadhouse TILLY wooden turntable stand offers classic mid-century charm that elevates the style of any space. 

TILLY comes in a warm acorn wood tone that brings a retro mood for your vintage turntable. She’s easy to assemble and fits nicely into any room. 

Let the TILLY wooden turntable stand set the tone in your home. 


Bring the effortless cool of 1970s French design into your home with the Gadhouse Lucen Record Trolley. 

Made from high quality transparent gray acrylic, Lucen transports you to a world of vintage European style. He comes outfitted with locking wheels, so he can move around a space with ease, and securely holds up to 20kg of equipment on the top shelf, 80kg on the bottom, and a total of 80-100 records at one time.

Il est très cool!