Built-In Bluetooth Input Version 4

Integral Audio Technica Dual
Moving Magnet Cartridge

3-Speeds Turntable (33 ⅓, 45 and 78 RPM) with Auto Start-Stop function

Bass & Treble Adjustment

Built-In Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier & LINE OUT For Headphone

40 WATT JOAN Bookshelf Speakers

RCA Stereo Output

Built-In Tone Arm Counterweight

Exclusive DEAN’s Slip-Mat !

“In Gad’s house, DEAN is the handsome older brother that everyone wants to be like. His younger brother Brad and cousin Oliver both look up to him. When he comes over to the house, he almost always brings Joan along with him.”

He always brings the best jazz records, some craft beer, and a bottle of good wine to share with everyone while he listens to Chet Baker and Miles Davis by the fire. Joan, however, is full of energy and she loves to party. She can always convince DEAN to get up and dance the night away with her. Together they can light up any room, and you can always count on them to be the center of attention.

DEAN Loves Joan

Everybody loves a power couple. DEAN’s brilliant engineering and Joan’s impressive 40 watts of combined power both work great on their own, but together they’re unstoppable. Their stylish, mid-century vintage design make them a classic statement piece for any room, and their cutting edge tech means you’ll be able to get the best sound from all your favorite music, whether it’s vinyl or digital.

There’s no compromise when it comes to quality. DEAN’s Audio Technica Moving Magnet Cartridge (ATN3600L), is beloved by audiophiles everywhere for good reason. You’ll have tight bass, smooth middles, and crystal clear highs every single time.

Who said the future can’t be vintage? We’ve brought the best of the future and the past together with Bluetooth built directly into your turntable. DEAN and Joan can transform your turntable system into a home theater system, letting you stream Netflix from your tablet or computer, and making any night feel like a night at the movies.

This one-of-a-kind feature sets DEAN apart from the pack. Craft the perfect sound with the bass and treble knobs that put you in control and let you find the right mix of highs and lows to bring your music to life.

Center yourself on the ideal tracking force to keep your records in their best condition for years to come. DEAN’s built-in counterweight puts you in the drivers seat, and keeps your vinyl in safe hands.

DEAN comes with his own built-in stereo phono pre-amplifier, so he can hold his own as a lone wolf. You can pair him with Joan if you want to take his power to the next level (40 Watt RMS), or with any other passive speaker.

DEAN also offers 3-speed settings (33 ⅓, 45 and 78 RPM), an auto start-stop function, RCA stereo output, includes cables (RCA to RCA and 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm), and even a stylish exclusive slip-mat. DEAN really has it all.



  • Integral ATN3600L Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge
  • Built-In Bluetooth Input– Built-In Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier
  • Built-In Tone Arm Counterweight
  • 3 Speeds – 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 RPM
  • Bass & Treble Adjustment
  • Auto Start-Stop function
  • RCA Stereo Output
  • Exclusive DEAN’s Slip-Mat !

JOAN Bookshelf Speakers

  • Frequency Rate: 30 Hz-15 khz
  • Impedance: 4-8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 85dB 1W/1M
  • Power Handling: 40 W (20W x 2)