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At Gadhouse our design philosophy is to take the best vintage audio design and combine it with the modern pleasures of life. We worked hard to bring back the retro design that displayed vinyl records in a fun vintage style while using the best of today’s technology.


We started with just two engineers with a passion for the artistic side of things, while mixing in our engineering skills as well. We aim to create a retro-modern concept with a modern feel, great style, and the blending of retro with modern technology to create a unique experience with classic technology! When it comes to the name “GADHOUSE” I originally came up with the name from the thought process of “house of gadget”. In this house, we were hoping to have good taste, a great unique style, awesome feel, and retro concept with modern technology. It’s all about the lifestyle, music, being young and having fun while experiencing it in a very retro way! When you combine our brand Gadhouse together, it ultimately represents a big and friendly vintage house with a retro feel, but still utilising the modern technology that is available today to help bring both the old and new generation together who have a passion for vintage, music, and technology!


If you have any questions about what we offer, who we are, or are interested inquiring about future upcoming products or media questions, feel free to utilize our “CONTACT” page to get ahold of us via email and visit our social pages for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with our latest services and what’s in store for the future and the growth of our business.

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